Maria has presented workshops for us since 2006 and her work has been consistently well-received. Her subject matter is fascinating, timely, and pertinent to teachers with students of all developmental levels. It is rare to find such a unique melding of right and left brain thinking and teaching in an individual and even rarer to find someone who is able to impart her knowledge and approach to others. Teachers leaver her workshops exhilarated!

Susan Miller Kotses

VP of Education, Pacific Symphony
On behalf of the Orange County Department of Education and Very Special Arts, I am writing to commend you for the excellent workshop you presented for us. It was beautifully articulated and provided techniques that the teachers can use daily in their classrooms. I can speak on behalf of the attendees that they were extremely pleased with your presentation. Thank you for bringing such valuable information to the teachers. We appreciate the time and talent you utilized in bringing us such an inspiring workshop.

Phyllis Berenbeim

Very Special Arts Orange County
Maria helps everyone in the room feel validated and involved so that they can open themselves up to learning.

Molly Buzick Pontin

Director of Education, Pacific Chorale
It [the drum circle] felt organic and human. You miss that often in classes and almost everywhere you go. You are facilitating connections, community and acceptance of inner self/inner rhythm.

Lesli Mitchell

MA, Licensed Social Worker, Artist
Maria Simeone effectively breaks-down complex brain concepts so they are easy to understand and apply. She passionately and enthusiastically engages her participants and provides effective solutions for families affected by behavioral issues.

Linda Linnebach

MA, Professional Musician/Voice Teacher
Maria’s teacher workshop was the best we’ve ever had. She gets the challenges and knows what it’s like to be in the classroom. We all learned something practical and had a good time.

Bridget Duffin

Elementary Music Specialist
Thanks again for a fun and lively presentation! It is always a challenge to find presentations to get busy, tired moms out of the house at night. It was such a great turnout with wonderful energy in the room. I can honestly say that in the 2 years that I’ve been scheduling presentations, I’ve never had to ask people to leave at 10:15pm at night! Thank you for all your efforts!

Lisa Pickford

Program Director, OC Mother of Multiples
By tapping into the intricate connection of music, movement, mind and body, Maria is able to draw out and interpret what the rest of us fail to see. Maria can teach you how to bring a sense of balance and well-being to your children. If you have a chance to attend one of her classes, do it! Her methods work.

Jacqueline Cerbin

CHEP Mentor Teacher
What I love about MusicMovestheBrain is that it inspires teachers to get kids out of their seats and into fun & EFFECTIVE learning.

Marina Barbosa

Educational Psychologist
We have been in need of a curriculum such as MusicMovestheBrain for a long time. Love is what drives this program.

Tim Melander

Montessori teacher and author
Maria has put together a wonderful program that opens up a whole new avenue for integrating the learning process with music and movement that will raise IQ's. What a fun way to learn!

Richard Kinsey

Broadway Actor & Singer
MusicMovestheBrain is a creative, enriching experience for my children, my husband and me. It’s a fun bonding experience for the whole family.


Mother of two
Beautiful experience. My daughter and I really enjoy ourselves. Very kind, friendly sense of community.


Mother of three
This is an amazing experience of coming together in community.


Mother of two
What a wonderful way to spend a Saturday morning. Maria’s drum circle was health-filled and fun-filled! I loved every moment.


Mother of two
It was awesome! I hope you can keep this going forever! I’ll keep coming.


age 11
I think this class is fun and special.


age 10
The tools you taught me really helped, both in singing and in daily life. I even taught my friends when we were on tour in Italy. It was fun & and made us ready to perform. Thanks for inspiring me.


age 17