HealthRhythms Drum Circles

HealthRhythms is a research-based program founded by drum manufacturer Remo, Inc. and developed by Neurologist Dr. Barry Bittman and Music Therapist Christine Stevens. As a qualified HealthRhythms facilitator and Remo Team Member, Maria Simeone has trained directly with Dr. Bittman and Christine Stevens. MusicMovestheBrain is pleased to be able to offer HealthRhythms, to both private and public groups of all ages, as a part of its regular programming.

HealthRhythms for Children, Parents and Educators

HealthRhythms has been used successfully in retreat settings, cancer support groups, stress-reduction classes, teacher in-services, health fairs and in a wide-variety of classroom settings. It has been proven effective with children with learning, social and behavioral challenges, children with Autism, ADD/ADHD, as well as those with physical challenges. In addition, HealthRhythms is the ideal protocol for children who’ve suffered emotional trauma, as an essential non-verbal form of self-expression. No prior drumming skills are necessary and participation is fully inclusive.

HealthRhythms for 21st Century Thinking Skills

HealthRhythms is a cutting-edge protocol for developing entrepreneurial/creative thinking, and emotional self-expression. With its foundation in rhythmic expression, it is an innovative instrument for accessing the often under-utilized sub-cortical parts of the brain – critical in the cultivation of creativity and conceptual thinking. This makes HealthRhythms the ideal tool for success in the 21st century –a tool that gives participants a keen advantage for successful living and well-being.

Maria Simeone is an official HealthRhythms facilitator and Remo Team Member
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