About MusicMovestheBrain™

Today’s busy world can be a stressful challenge for all of us. MusicMovestheBrain addresses that challenge by providing programs and tools that can help all ages thrive & enjoy life. MusicMovestheBrain’s music-movement programs provide fun “real life” tools that improve learning, behavior, and creativity using a variety of brain-compatible approaches such as: Move to Learn, Rhythmic Movement, BrainDance, HealthRhythms, Flexity Jig, Singing/Vocal Development, and Sound Therapy. All are taught using the research based “Learning Cycle” (The Art of Changing the Brain).

MusicMovestheBrain is an outgrowth of Maria Simeone’s experiences in the parenting of her two children, adopted from Eastern Europe and Eurasia. This led to a deep passion for bringing brain compatible music-movement to all ages. She brings programming to schools, transitional shelters, senior centers, medical clinics, and orphanages, as well as private coaching.

MusicMovestheBrain’s philosophy is simple: To build strong, caring relationships with all those whom we are privileged to serve.